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Our Goal

Success with Happiness.

Our Mission

We provide valuable products and services to satisfy customers' business needs. We will have our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our shareholders, and our communities happier than today.

Our Operating Principles

Preparation, Smart Hard Work, Learning from Failure, Learning from Others.

Who We Are

True Biz Partner, Inc. (TBP) is a partner of business owners. TBP sells the POS hardware and software in order to gather sales data, which will be analyzed. TBP provides the efficient and effective marketing tools with reasonable prices.

TBP owns the unique POS software and purchases POS hardware from the creditable suppliers. TBP is a US authorized dealer of Hanasis Co.,POS manufacture which has #1 market share in Korea. TBP operates its own service center to repair hardware for customer convenience. TBP provides resellers with POS systems and services as a wholesaler. Our services include design of business operation process, training, and various marketing activities for small and mid-size businesses.

TBP has an office in Los Angeles and will eventually open several branches over the state of California. The HQ office includes a training area, service department, offices, and showroom area and branches mainly have a showroom.

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